"Sample" Sale

Trunk Sale /Sample Sale:

Recently, I was debating putting together a trunk sale for a local festival. I hadn't realistically ever thought about it before but I feel like it's something that would be good for me. And so, I practice. So I am gathering already printed works into categories and will begin to make them available in this space, which will be my little "sample" sale.

I resisted the urge to do any color correction (sorry) for the moment because I wanted to put this up.  The shots are crude but pretty accurate. Each print is 6.25" x 11".  Yours for $10 each (local shipping included). I'm working on setting up a shooting space behind my desk and the lights are ready.  Considering my options. I'll be updating this space shortly with a quick link to buy, but email me for now (here).

I was working on this late at night and I wasn't sure what it was going to look like the next day. Yay, nothing is upside down!  I'm still learning this all as I go, so expect it to change, like all things.


pics by simonsen_society6 store collection 1.png