Came across this slideshow the other day that I did in 2005 and thought, now that I have the website, I have a good way to share it!  I put it together fairly quickly from digital images and what was easily accessible and I think it turned out pretty good.  It's tough to get it right sometimes when we start with what's easy.  However, I ended up not showing it and the only way to see it is here.  I'm happy to share it with you now.

We are still in discussions with the new gallery space about a future show but the pressure for that is off for the moment.  I would be happy if it happened in June, actually. But I am in steady prep mode.  I had considered showing at a Venice Beach festival (and may still at some point) but it ended up with schedule conflicts that weekend.  But it did make me think that I could put up small prints and framed works here. I'm also producing a couple of new edits for a new print portfolio and to submit to contests and magazines.  I have been thinking for a while about showing or presenting photography in outdoor spaces and so I am brainstorming about a large collage of small prints that I'd like to bring to the desert in June.  With the 25 year anniversary upon us, I think it is a good time to share some of what this is all about and why we've been trekking to the desert for so many years!!

Eeek, I obviously need to resize this image!  Another of the available 20" x 30" prints.

Eeek, I obviously need to resize this image!  Another of the available 20" x 30" prints.

My perspective on how to do this is developing.  My current thought is to be "minimally invasive" and show a more abstract take . . .  from the outside, and communicating ideas more than exposing the more intimate people shots.  I like that pathway in . . . like the beginning of the slideshow. I will continue to share a different edit on this page, as it's not a public link.

My skills have developed so much over the 20+ years and even over the 13+ years since this was produced. All of which excites me greatly as I take on this next step!!

So I hope you will follow along. I have started pulling together some prints for sale and have several 20" x 30" prints that I had printed (from around 2000/01) that I am selling or will edition at smaller size.  I will start to add more information here!

Please contact me with any questions, comments, support, and pricing for print sales!!  Luv and hugs, Kris

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