Kristina Simonsen

photographer, fine-art digital printmaker, studio director, music enthusiast, moon chaser, & mom to teenager (& big barking dog).

As a young girl, I grew up an Air Force brat.  By the time I entered high school, I had lived in six different states.  My tenth grade year, we moved to Zaragoza, Spain, . . which, coming from a small town in Kansas, was a big change.  But we lived in farm country with lots of sheep!  I went into the city to explore by myself and with friends to go out to "discotecas".  My senior trip, we went to Mallorca for a week.  Spain is amazing!  When I finished school, we moved to Vegas. That year was 1988.

Zaragoza, where the base was located, is very much like a desert.  In the summer, hot; in the winter, cold, and often very windy!  So returning to Vegas afterwards had its similarities. But it was lacking in the culture of a big city, which Zaragoza had.

In 1993, I started to come out to Los Angeles, drawn by the electronic dance music scene.  It was through dance music that I first experienced the beauty of the deserts of Southern California.  I started to photograph my experiences and the places I went. I felt at home.  After all, SoCal is a desert next to the ocean!  The culture and creativity of the area and the people I met inspired me greatly and I moved to the artist loft district in downtown Los Angeles in 1995.  Those experiences in the SoCal desert are what called me to pick up a camera . . to play . . to create.  And it has led to over 25 years of photographic exploration . . .  I hope to share some of that here.

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