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Young Lakes, Yosemite

Young Lakes, Yosemite

The above piece is made up of four separate images.  One of my favorite things about how these work together is the contrast between the cool and warm in each shot and in the comparison of the four together.  Even in the final images (bottom right corner), you can still see the sun kissing the top of the peak.  It's beautiful and fleeting!!

Years ago, I think it was 2011, we went on a hike in / camping trip to Yosemite.  We didn't have a reservation and most of our gear was not for hiking in!  It was heavy.  But we ended up taking whatever campsite permit we could get, Young Lakes.  We were grateful and ready to go!  The trail to Young Lakes (a trio of lakes) is really strenuous!!  Around 15 miles round trip, gains 2700 feet in elevation, and is at about 9,000 + feet above sea level.  We never considered not finishing but there were many, many stops.  Racing the sun, we arrived just as the last bit of light was shining on this bowl shaped lake, surrounded by mountains.  It was the end of summer and hot, but you can still see remaining snowpack on the mountains . .  this area that is covered with snow during the winter months and still boasted freezing cold water.  We were so relieved when we arrived  and happy to be rewarded with such beauty!!  I think I snapped only 10 photos before it was imperative for us to use the last of the light to set up camp.  We were so tired and excited but I'm not sure we slept much that night, listening for bears passing by and finding our food!

This series of images has only been shown for Venice Art Crawl in 2013.  I will soon be adding another gallery to the website so I can share more.  Such a beautiful area . . . I'm ready to go back and stay longer this time!!


Street Photography

I'm starting work on a new portfolio and wanted to share that process here.  All of the images are looking really good straight out of the camera, so I've just uploaded them as is.  Not sure what I want to add but I'm thinking about converting them to black and white!.  I think it would be interesting to make them all look "old" since so many seem sort of timeless.  I am also looking at them to see if I want to use them as a street photography contest submission.  See more

Los Angeles, 2008